Friday 28th June 2024


Internationally bestselling and 2019 Booker Prize-winning writer Bernardine Evaristo explores "the novel" from originating ideas to essential elements of craft, including structure, sustaining commitment to completion, and advice on getting published.

Young Adult Fiction

There is magic in writing stories where our children can see themselves. Do you want to write a young adult novel? South African author Shafinaaz Hassim delves into navigating the liberty of fiction for young adult literature and beyond.


BBC East Africa Correspondent Mercy Juma and BBC Monitoring's Africa Specialist Beverly Ochieng delve into techniques they've used to make sense of some of the biggest events in the region, how best to characterise people and the emotional weight of their narratives while remaining factual and authoritative to audiences.

The Art of Moderation

Renowned speaker June Gachui will share insights from her extensive experience on stage, screen and on air. Participants will learn techniques for commanding attention, harnessing the power of storytelling and delivering impactful messages that resonate with diverse audiences.